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I am Jani Salonen, thirty-five years old medieval freak from chilly Helsinki. That is capital of Finland in case you did not know ;)

Tellu is developed in hope that it will be useful for other organizations or individuals than Educational Department of Helsinki City where Tellu was born about ten years ago.

If you need some help, please avoid questions like 'I've tried to install Tellu but it does not work.' Specify an exact error message if any (also from server's syslog), tell me couple of words about your environment and what you tried to do when you faced the error or some other trouble.

If you are willing to pay for commercial support, installations and/or consulting, please contact me for further details. Otherwise please keep in mind that I am working with Tellu totally on my spare time, so I cannot guarantee class A support.

Positive or negative feedback is always welcome, or if you just want to talk about Tellu, don't hesitate to write.

My email address is jani at lasipalatsi piste fi. Piste is finnish word and means dot. Please use that for contacting me, all other addresses are defunct.