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Some views to see Tellu in action. There is just two Linux laptops in these views to check out some of their data, but Tellu is able to handle thousands of machines easily. These screenshots just scratches the surface of Tellu, there is much more features and views available for exploring in live installation.

Machine listing showing some basic OS information,
1200x1023, 75Kb

Machine listing showing baseboard and system information,
1200x1023, 75Kb

Detailed view showing device information,
1200x1023, 165Kb


Detailed view shoving storage information,
1200x1023, 192Kb

Detailed view showing process information,
1200x1023, 240Kb

Detailed view showing open TCP ports,
1200x1023, 86Kb


Form to upload new file,
1200x1023, 61Kb

Form to create new password,
1200x1023, 80Kb

Listing showing my passwords,
1200x1023, 71Kb


Telmon's main window,
792x371, 5.8Kb

Telmon showing telskind's hourly usage,
932x335, 5.6Kb

Telmon saving hourly usage chart,
371x190, 2.4Kb